WHOCO, SGM, and Gantom at Barbizon Grilling Series

WHOCO, SGM, and Gantom at Barbizon Grilling Series

WHOCO will be at the Barbizon Charlotte offices to showoff their IP65-rated fixture and cable lines on August 18th, as part of Barbizon’s ongoing “Summer Grilling Series.”

Outdoor-rated Lighting Fixtures will be on hand from manufacturers SGM, Gantom, ETC, and Coemar, with weather-ready cabling by TMB.  There may be a surprise or two, as well as a coveted giveaway.

We are excited that we can now put fixtures outdoors for production purposes — and that they are rated to serve such a purpose!  WHOCO owner Josh Allen wrote an article in last fall’s L&SA showcasing some of these, so come on out and put your hands on them.  The grills will be stoked to serve up burgers and dogs, and a fun and informative time is sure be had by all!


1016 McClelland Ct,
Charlotte, NC 28206

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